Grammy Award winning musician , Rhythm & Blues vocalist and drummer. Also known as Don Johnson. Now based in Calgary, Canada.
Donald Ray Johnson Grammy Award  
Samples from Album
1. Ain't No Fun To Me   Listen
2. These Blues   Listen
3. Working Girl Blues   Listen
4. Girl Friend Blues   Listen
5. Always On My Mind   Listen
1. It's Time   Listen
2. Working Girl Blues   Listen
3. Change Is Going To Come   Listen
4. Girl Friend Blues   Listen
5. Rainy Night In Georgia   Listen
1. Travelin' Man   Listen
2. Last Two Dollars   Listen
3. Sugar Daddy   Listen
4. Me & Jack (Daniels)    Listen
1. Slow Down Baby   Listen
2. Rocking In The Same Old Boat Listen
3. No Guitar Blues   Listen
4. Hey Girl    Listen
1. Stagger Lee   Listen
2. Gone So Long   Listen
3. Names   Listen




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These Blues: The Best of Donald Ray Johnson Review by David Whiteis, Living Blues


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