Review of Donald Ray's concert in Paris on oct 24th 2003

Donald Ray Johnson, the funky memory
Quai du blues. Ile de la Jatte (Neuilly)
Tonight and tomorrow at 10:30 pm, €20, contact:

Is it jazz or somewhat heavy soul? Is it a black crooner or a bluesman with a velvet voice? And if Donald Ray Johnson should be what BB King or Al Green have ceased to be for the last 20 years, something like a funky memory of the most languid music in the world, a precocious genius of the rawest gospel? Really though, he's not as precocious as that. He's played in the 70's with the legendary Charles Brown, (Ray Charles' very first influence and inspiration), also Big Joe Turner, Philip Walker, and Big Mama Thornton. With his sexy gospel-soul, he could go so far. He is indeed the 'Mickey' of rhythm'n'blues. Don't you think?